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For All Us Saints

The liturgical year winds down in November, and the month commences with the Solemnity of All Saints.  What we celebrate on this holy day are not only the officially canonized members of God’s household in heaven, but the holy people we have known in our lives.  The adjacent Feast of All Souls on November 2 draws our attention to the memory of those who have passed from this life.  Those friends and family who have died share the company of the saints.  Everyone who strives to live the beatitudes as preached by Jesus in His Sermon on the Mount (Mt. 5:1-12a) are venerable, blessed and saintly.


The ‘blessed ones’ Jesus spoke about in the gospel are the canonized saints of the Church as well as the people who have walked through our lives with heroic virtue:

  • the poor in spirit like St. Therese, the Little Flower, whose love came in simple gestures, as well as your grandmother who practiced her faith with serenity and devotion.

  • the mournful St. Monica who grieved the hardship of her son’s wayward conduct, as well as the friend who dealt with the heartache of a child’s battle with cancer.

  • the meekness of St. Joseph who quietly looked after the Holy Family’s needs, as well as the dad who made sacrifices to give us a good home.

  • the hungry and thirsting restlessness seen in Dorothy Day and her passion for justice, as well as the role model we admired for standing in defense of the little guy.

  • the merciful provider like St. Damien of Molokai who lived among the neglected lepers, as well as the teacher who patiently stayed after school to help us achieve

  • the clean of heart that was St. Maria Goretti who accepted death rather than impurity, as well as the teenager who struggles to live chastely in an overwhelmingly immodest culture

  • the peacemaker Blessed John XXIII who called world leaders to beat swords into plowshares, as well as the mom who settled the fights at home.

  • the insulted and persecuted St. Maximilian Kolbe who gave his life at Auschwitz, as well as the kid you remember who was unfairly mocked but didn’t return insults.

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  • For All Us Saints