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Pastoral Plan is Rolled Out

At the Parish Forum Sunday, September 13, we formally rolled out the new Parish Pastoral Plan for St. Margaret of Scotland.  This instrument – which focuses on objectives in prayer, study, evangelization and generosity – will guide the priorities and efforts of our parish’s ministries and organizations for the next three years.  The Pastoral Plan is the product of extensive information-gathering and reflection.  Its aim is to help keep our parish vibrant and meet the needs of our growing, diverse community.  I urge you to take time exploring the Pastoral Plan.  You will hear much about it, and hopefully you will find yourself a part of it.

In February 2015 St. Margaret employed the services of The Rome Group, a local company that assists organizations with strategic planning and assessment.  26 parish ministries and organizations were gathered to complete a comprehensive worksheet outlining their current and future work as well as needs – including personnel, volunteers and financial goals.  This information was processed and in April and assembly of these groups was convened to report and discuss the “state of the parish.”  In April a parish-wide electronic survey was launched to solicit feedback on the prioritization of the parish’s needs and goals.  There was the opportunity for everyone to give their input.

From then through early June, three subsequent pastoral planning meetings were held with leaders discussing a variety of the challenges and needs, reviewing the draft goals and objectives, and worked to identify the actions needed to implement them.  Over the summer The Rome Group met with me and members of the parish staff to clarify and define the plan.  Finally, utilizing all of the input there was a consensus on four key goals and objectives for a thriving parish: prayer, study, evangelization and generosity.

This is the story of how the Pastoral Plan came about.  Now, take a look at the final product.  Explore its content.  I think you will find it exciting and challenging.  Reflect on the ways YOU will be a part of this plan!

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