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Facing Spring Projects
  • Communion hosts, wine and candles for the celebration of Mass.
  • New wrought iron protective fencing over the church wells.
  • Instrumentalists for especially festive Masses and licenses for music copyrights.
  • Plumbing repairs in the church hall restrooms.

These are a few things around St. Margaret of Scotland Church which are either always in front of us that we take their presence for granted, or their need is so unnoticed that they may not get our attention.  One thing they all have in common: they cost money.  There are hundreds more that could be named.  And like any home, our parish church has some upkeep that needs your help.

One project in particular I would like to describe for you is work that will be done this spring on the church’s towers.  Both will be tuck-pointed and the metal louvers will be caulked, amounting to a total cost of $28,160.  Because parishioners don’t go up inside our church towers, the aging of the stonework goes unaware to most everyone.  But if a piece of the tower came loose and fell to the sidewalk, everyone would notice!  We don’t want that to be the event that grabs our attention.  This project will protect and prolong the life of the building against the damaging effects of water and is part of the five-year maintenance plan for our beautiful church. 

It is because of needs like this that we have our annual Spring Appeal.  Funds raised from this effort contribute to the ordinary expenses of the parish budget and help cover the costs of unexpected repair projects that arise throughout the year.  Please use your special envelopes for each month of the Spring Appeal.  Return each one with your regular gift through the Sunday collection or drop it off at the rectory.  You also can contribute electronically by using the WeShare feature on this web site.  Our goal is to raise $35,000.  Any amount you can give, no matter the size, will be counted as a generous gift. 

Thanks for being a good steward of St. Margaret of Scotland Church!

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  • Facing Spring Projects