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She Was a Grand-Old Dame

In the last posting I asked if you knew whether or not St. Margaret was a contemporary of our other local patron – St. Louis of France. She was not. Margaret ruled as queen in Scotland exactly two centuries before Louis IX was on the throne across the English Channel. But they share common virtues. As sovereigns Margaret and Louis recognized the weighty responsibilities placed by God on their shoulders. They did not abuse their authority for their own aggrandizement. Instead, they made choices to advance gospel values, and they both modeled charitable examples to their subjects by serving the poor and giving generously to those in need. Upon returning from Mass each day, Margaret was known to wash the feet of six poor beggars. And whenever meals were prepared for the destitute and hungry she never sat down until all had their fill. St. Margaret was keenly interested in the Church’s liturgies, and she believed strongly in their proper and noble celebration. Along with our care for the poor, this is another example of our patroness that we as a parish imitate. Consider joining us for Vespers (Evening Prayer) honoring St. Margaret Sunday night, November 18 at 7:00 p.m. in church. Our music and prayer will help lift your soul to God as St. Margaret so often did.

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