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Will Jesus See His Shadow?

February 2, more importantly, is the Feast of the Presentation of the Lord. As the fortieth day following Christmas, the Church calls our attention to Mary and Joseph’s observance of the religious obligation to bring Jesus to the temple in Jerusalem for His circumcision. In this feast of the Presentation Christ is celebrated as the “consolation of Israel.” He is the light, the relief His people have been awaiting in their long days of distance from the Lord.

The themes of light and darkness, sunshine and shadows play an added role when we hear the prayer of Simeon, who receives Jesus in the temple. This righteous man, promised by God not to see death before he saw the Christ, takes the Child in his arms and blesses Him as “a light to all nations.” (Lk 2:32) This was the sign Simeon was awaiting. These wintery days have more darkness than light, and the added grey skies can give many of us the “blahs.” If you find your spirits low, don’t depend on a groundhog to give you hope for brighter days. Receive the light of Christ into your life. Talk to Him. Listen to Him. Rest in the glow of His goodness.

Jesus doesn’t go looking for His shadow. He is the One who casts the shadow.

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  • Will Jesus See His Shadow?