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Quo vadis?

I think many of us, with our modern sense of human compassion, would not accuse Pope Benedict as successor of St. Peter of escaping his duties by retiring from office because he is growing frail. Instead, I hope, we all recognize that he has discerned the will of God and recognized the limitations of his abilities.

Where do you go now? On to something else. Something more suited to God’s plan. It is the same question we all make for ourselves as we set out once again on this journey of Lent. Lent is a journey of renewal. Where we end should be a spiritually better place than where we began. For each of us, depending on the frailties which are the consequences of our sins, the route may be different. But all of us know the destination is greater union with Jesus.

As our Catholic Church goes through an historic transition with the retirement of Pope Benedict XVI and the election of a new pontiff, we too find ourselves in flux: from the wintry mix of sin and death to a springtime of hope and holiness. Quo vadis?

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