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The parish choir will have its traditional Summer break during the month of July. During June and August, we continue to serve at the 10:00 Mass. The very best time for new members to join the choir is in September, because, like the academic year, the choir year starts afresh and we resume full rehearsals.

The most important qualities of a chorister are:

  1. Love of singing and of the liturgy
  2. A sense of ministry and service to the community
  3. The ability to reliably commit your time and effort.

Singers with other qualifications (perfect pitch, an advanced degree in vocal performance, etc.) are certainly appreciated, but dedicated choral singers are indispensable.

To inquire further you can speak in person with Steve Neale (choir director), Terri Merideth (associate director) or Peter Hesed (director of music) after Mass, or send us an email ( or

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