Friday, July 20 Archdiocese Press Release

Dear SMOS Community,

This morning, a statement was released by the St. Louis Archdiocese regarding the reopening of Catholic Schools this fall.   We are aware this statement went out, but it is somewhat misleading and neglects to mention that each Archdiocesan school is still responsible for developing its own plan.  Catholic Schools in St. Louis have been instructed by the Archdiocese to follow local government and health department guidelines, safety protocols, and to establish a local level task force team to make the best reopening decision for each individual school.

We know this is weighing heavily on everyone’s hearts and minds.  This past Friday, I asked the steering committee to help me accelerate our work so that we can bring you a Fall 2020 plan by Friday, July 24. The school board is meeting to review the final draft this evening, and the full plan will be released this Friday. We ask for just a little more patience this week as we finalize everything.

The health, safety, and wellbeing of our SMOS students, faculty, staff, and entire SMOS community is our number one priority.


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