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Lent 2024 Announcements


Wednesday, February 14, is Ash Wednesday, the beginning of the penitential season of Lent.  Masses will be celebrated, and ashes will be distributed at 6:30am, 8:15am (with our school community), and at 6:30pm.  In addition, a prayer service with distribution of ashes will be held at 12:00 noon.


Ash Wednesday (February 14) and Good Friday (March 29) are days of fast and abstinence.  Fasting is required of Catholics aged 18-59 and means having one full meal, two smaller meals, and nothing in between meals, though water and medicine are always permitted.  Abstinence is abstaining from eating meat for all Catholics over the age of 14.  No Catholic should lightly excuse himself or herself from this obligation. 

All Fridays in Lent are days of abstinence from meat.  Here again, Catholics will not hold themselves lightly excused, but if there is a serious health problem, this obligation does not apply.  

Catholics should strive to make all days of Lent a time of prayer and penance. 


This year, as part of our Lenten almsgiving, we are undertaking our Parish Lenten Project in support of the St. Joseph Housing Initiative, a ministry devoted to creating vibrant St. Louis communities through affordable quality housing where low- and moderate-income families can thrive, prosper, and build wealth.  SJHI homes are renovated and sold at an affordable price to low- and moderate-income families who have participated in home buying education programs.  Many SMOS parishioners are families have been involved in the good work of SJHI, and during Lent, you will have the opportunity to learn more about and support their effort.    

To donate, you many use an envelope provided in Church, or give online through our parish website.  Thanks for your generosity! 


At the doors of Church, you will find the “Little Black Book” (for adults) and the “Little Purple Book” (for children).  These daily reflection books can aid in your Lenten prayer and reflection. 

Refer to the Lenten calendar (copies available in the back of Church starting on Ash Wednesday) for details about Stations of the Cross, Lenten suppers, and other opportunities during the season of Lent. 

Finally, mark your calendars for our Lenten Reconciliation Service on Tuesday, March 5, at 7:00pm, and look for other opportunities for Confession during Lent. 

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