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Children’s Liturgy + Coffee & Donut Fellowship – April 2024 Schedule

Our donut supplier ran into an unexpected equipment issue this past weekend, on Sunday, April 7.  We apologize that there were no donuts available after Mass this week – we did not find out about the issue until returning to the office on Monday. Unfortunately, it’s going to take at least another week to fix, so there will not be any Coffee & Donut Fellowship again this Sunday, April 14.  The supplier hopes to have the issue resolved soon.

Children’s Liturgy of the Word does return this weekend (April 14) at 10 AM Mass for one Sunday before another hiatus.

There will be NO Children’s Liturgy of the Word and also NO Coffee & Donut Fellowship on Sunday, April 21 (for the Spring Musical) and Sunday, April 28 (for First Communion).  

Both will resume next month, on the following Sunday, May 5.

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