Managing Our Parish’s Growth

The increasing enrollment of both our school and our parish has been “a good problem.” Each week at the rectory office at least one or two new registrations are made. These are often young professionals, single or engaged, or families with newborns. They in turn increase our need to provide pastoral care. That means preparation for the Sacraments which deserve personal and meaningful experiences with the Church. Moreover, the children in our school who are approaching their Sacraments require a faith formation that is thorough and engaging. A full-time Coordinator of Faith Formation at St. Margaret will be charged with facilitating Sacramental preparation programs, working with faculty in classroom catechetical instruction, developing opportunities to connect parents to their children’s faith life, and serving as a resource to children’s liturgies. This person will also work alongside our RCIA team and other adult faith programs. Our Catholic faith and its evangelization are of paramount importance to me as pastor, and a competent person in this role will be invaluable.

We all know that no church can operate efficiently on Sunday collections alone. Fund-raising is a necessity of every non-profit organization. The challenges of maintaining good worship, quality personnel, upkeep of facilities and a growing school population require St. Margaret to be more strategic in its stewardship of these gifts. The ability of our present capital campaign to raise nearly $2 million in pledges in a few short months proves that there is an interest not only within the parish but from the wider community as well to assist financially the mission of St. Margaret. We cannot allow this momentum to subside. It is time to concentrate our efforts of increasing our financial security and put them into the hands of a professional Director of Development. Having a person in this position will be a most responsible approach to reaching our financial goals. I am pleased that the proposal of investing in a Director of Development received enthusiastic endorsement from our parish leadership.

Already, the expert counsel of professionals in both these fields has been sought, and the job descriptions continue to be refined. Planning is also being done to accommodate office space for these persons in the rectory. All of these added expenses including salaries have been factored into our budget for the 2014/2015 fiscal year. The search process will involve parishioners, and my goal is to have the roles filled sometime this fall. In the meantime, I hope you welcome this direction we are taking with the parish staff. In your prayer, please call on the aid of the Spirit that this process may be guided by holy wisdom.

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