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A New Week – December 24, 2023

Merry Christmas, one and all! We not only remember that Jesus was born in Bethlehem some 2000 years ago; we celebrate that Jesus is born anew in every human heart today and every day when we open ourselves to him. Indeed, Christ is born today!, and that is worth celebrating!

Welcome to all who gather at St. Margaret of Scotland during Christmastime! Welcome to our college students and young adults home for the holidays. Welcome to visitors from other faith traditions.  Welcome to guests from across town or across the country.  Welcome to those Catholics who are not often here with us.  Welcome to those parishioners and friends we see week after week.  It is good for all of us to be together!  Whoever you are, you are always welcome at St. Margaret of Scotland!

While we gather at Church and with family and friends with great joy these days, the Christmas holidays are also difficult for many people. Let us pray for all who may be suffering or hurting during these days, and let us pray that the Christ-child makes us more compassionate to those in need, especially those who are closest to us.  What might be on the hearts of others around us during these holidays? Consider and pray for…

God sent his Son to be born of Mary so that he could know and share in our humanity.  Nothing that is human is foreign to God! God knows our struggles well! To all who are in any way hurting during these holidays, may you find joy, and may you take comfort in the God who came to be with us. Merry Christmas!

Axel wishes you a safe and happy holiday!


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