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Every day you read about these and how people are impacted by laws and policies, especially children. As each day passes, we are increasingly challenged to figure out how we are to live out our faith—the Greatest Commandment, the Beatitudes, how to “Walk Humbly, Love Mercy and Do Justice with our God.
Join us for our Exploring Migration: A Faith Journey program beginning Sept 12 at St. Margaret of Scotland School from 6:30 to 8:45 pm. Online Registration is now open.
This eight-session faith-filled program Exploring Migration: A Faith Journey provides you with a chance to explore immigration, asylum, refugees, border issues and human trafficking and to discover more about our Catholic teachings, our values, our God, and the millions of people who are on the move in every part of the world.
Each session begins and ends with prayer and is intermixed with readings, occasional videos, guest speakers, and the time to explore these issues in a small group setting. It offers you the opportunity to discuss how do we live out of our faith and what might we be called to do. It is a powerful and faith-filled time.
We have set a maximum of 13 participants. The cost is $20. You register and pay on-line at our WeShare site:
When you register, we will send more information about the program and the two small paperback books we will be using.
For more information, contact Astrid Homan at or 636.399.0366.

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