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Summer Ministry Article – June 9, 2024

During the Summer months, this column will be highlighting the good work and parishioners involved in one of our various Parish Ministries.  Each week, we will feature an article from a different ministry, written by one if its members, as a reflection on the generosity and stewardship of the SMOS community.

Extraordinary Ministers Of The Eucharist

by Erin Reid

My name is Erin Reid and I became a Eucharistic Minister earlier this year. I was encouraged to participate by someone very important to me. So, during the ministries week late 2023, we both signed up to be a part of the liturgical ministry. I didn’t realize at the time but this ended up being perfect timing, allowing me to be a larger part of Holy Week this year. I have gotten to be a part of Holy Thursday activities in the past but being able to serve in another facet was even more fulfilling.

It means so much to me to be a part of a ministry at St Margaret of Scotland since this parish has held me in its arms my entire life. With the privilege of growing up in this parish, I am honored to now be able to give back a little. I feel that presenting communion to this incredible congregation is pretty special. I get to share with former teachers, families that I’ve known for years, my parents, new friends and many I have yet to meet. This act helps me feel the importance of my religion in my overall spiritual life. ‘Giving’ is a common theme in scripture and participating in this ministry helps me fulfil my efforts to do more of it.

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