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Maggie’s Makers Market Follow-Up

The reviews are in (at least from 3C…)!

Cora M. gives Maggie’s Makers Market 5 stars and says, “T’was outstanding!  The event was one of my favorites!  It was amazing because there was something for everyone!  Great work middle school!”

And Miriam P. (10 stars!) says, “I loved the Makers Market.  It was super fun.  I wish we did it every day.”   

After the accounts were settled, all businesses were found to be profitable, and each business made a philanthropic contribution to a charity of their choosing.  All told, they raised $324.70 to be sent to these non-profit organization.   

Thank you so much to everyone who came out to support our very local entrepreneurs.  If you missed them, you will have another opportunity to check out a few of them tomorrow night at the St. Margaret Holiday Market.  Find their conglomerate under the banner of Maggie’s Makers!

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