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Recess Volunteers Needed

St. Margaret’s is once again in need of volunteers to help monitor the playground during recess.  If you haven’t done it before, it’s truly one of the best ways to volunteer at school because:

  1. You get to watch your student interact with their friends.
  2. You get to know your student’s friends better.
  3. You get to know your student’s teachers better.
  4. It only lasts 30 minutes (or less!).
  5. It’s a nature break from work.
  6. You can squeeze it into your lunch hour.
  7. Kids love to see their parent during recess.

The current gaps for November are as follows:

Questions?  Contact Angela Cooper at 732-814-7191.  If you can help keep our kids feeling safe and loved during recess, please sign up at the link below.  Thanks in advance.  See you on the playground!


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