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Bellarmine Speech League Tournament – March 2024

Congratulations to the SMOS Speech Team for their work in preparing and performing in the Bellarmine Speech League Tournament on March 23, 2024!  The team performed with excellence and we are pleased to share their results and gratitude for the support of our SMOS community.




We are very grateful for Theresa Schlafly, Michelle Searcy, and Lisa Whealon for serving as judges for the tournament!  Thank you also to Janel Esker, James Frazier, and Ron Knapp for their support of the team at the tournament.  We are also so grateful for Gyia Defenbaugh, Misty Henke, James Frazier, Ron Knapp, Wyatt Ogier, Colleen Richardson, and Theresa Schlafly for their assistance in serving as assistant coaches at practices since the last tournament!  Finally, many thanks to our middle school teachers who generously allow us to practice in their classrooms after school.

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