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Curriculum Corner 04-18-24

Each week, we will be highlighting the amazing and wonderful things that are happening in our classrooms and grade levels at St. Margaret of Scotland School. We are very proud of the work our teachers do with our students and are amazed by what happens at SMOS. Our goal is to share more about the hidden gem that is St. Margaret’s.

Yesterday, a group of fourth-grade students were interviewed as part of a story KMOV Channel 4 is doing about the Greenhouse Venture garden on DeTonty. The fourth-graders have been busy visiting the garden this year – and getting to learn about all sorts of plants, vegetables, and other gardening. Reporter Leah Hill visited with the students and asked them lots of questions about what they’ve learned. The Channel 4 story will air in a few weeks as part of a feature the station is currently working on. More details to come…

Fourth grade has been learning about early European colonies in North America in Social Studies. During our discussion of Jamestown, they learned how historians and scientists can examine tree rings to learn about the historical climate patterns of a particular area. Fourth-grade parent, Meridith Perkins, shared her knowledge of dendrochronology with the students, and they had an opportunity to look at actual tree rings and the tools used to study tree rings. The fourth graders are also working on a brochure with information about earthquakes, volcanoes, or tsunamis, and are studying Geology and learning about tectonic plates. 

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