Thursday, June 25 Return to School Update

Thank you to the 309 parents who participated in the SMOS PLAN TO RETURN TO SCHOOL IN FALL survey.  Your insights and shared experiences are valuable in our planning to safely reopen the school on August 13. We are working now to summarize all the survey responses into a document that we can share back with you. We care about everyone in our school community and are taking all of these wishes and concerns into account.

Teams of dedicated parents and teachers have begun meeting and will use the data and feedback provided in the parent survey to guide their work. More information about the committee’s focus and structure can be found in the attached graphic. All committees have been asked to provide recommendations to the steering committee and school leadership by mid-July with the intention of sharing a full report back to you, our school community, on July 31st.

The ultimate goal of our summer planning is to prepare for a safe, healthy, full return to school. We will continue updating everyone weekly via Mrs. Young’s Thursday newsletter, on this webpage, and on the SMOS Facebook Page. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to Mrs. Young or Ms. Burke.


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