Friday, July 17 Return to Learn Update

Dear St. Margaret of Scotland Parents,

As we approach the first day of school on August 13, I know you are ready to learn more about what that will look like. All summer teams of faculty, staff and parents have been working toward gathering and discerning the guidelines, policies and procedures that our local, state and federal governing agencies have provided.

Our goal and intention was to share a plan for Fall 2020 to the St. Margaret of Scotland School community by July 31. However, given everything weighing on the hearts and minds of our school families, July 31 is too long to wait. This morning, I asked the steering committee to help me accelerate our work so that we can bring you a Fall 2020 plan by Friday, July 24. That is our new goal.

Today I sent a draft of our plan to the school faculty. They’ve seen earlier drafts and offered valuable concerns and suggestions. Their partnership is leading our way. On Monday I hope to present an updated draft to the school board for their review. Like faculty and staff, they have also seen earlier drafts and offered valuable input.

Once these key partners have given review and feedback, the steering committee and school administration will finalize recommendations in a plan I will share with you by Friday, July 24.

The health, safety, learning and joy of this community is in my prayers.

St. Margaret of Scotland, pray for us!


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