Thursday, July 2nd Return to School Update

Dear St. Margaret of Scotland Parents,

In June, more than 50% of our parents participated in the SMOS PLAN TO SAFELY REOPEN SCHOOL survey.  Through the survey, we learned a lot and we are using your information in our planning.  For example, we learned that…

  • 70% of (responding) parents, would like a return to a full, in-person school day (7 hour days, five days per week)

  • 15% of (responding) parents are pretty uncomfortable with the idea of a return to a full, in-person school day, and…

  • 25% of parents reported that someone in their household has a chronic health condition that is likely to complicate a coronavirus infection.

We care about every single one of you and we are considering all of this feedback as we embark upon this planning process.   We thank you for your confidence in our leadership and your willingness to support us.  That support was heard loudly and clearly, and it means so much.

Since the survey was collected, the steering committee has met three times and we’ve created workgroups on special topics such as pandemic teaching and learning, cleaning, athletics and extracurriculars, and attending to the needs of challenged learners. Those are just a few examples.  More information about the committee’s focus and structure can be found in the attached graphic. All committees have been asked to provide recommendations to the steering committee and school leadership by July 10th with the intention of sharing a full report back to you, our school community, no later than July 31st.

The ultimate goal of our summer planning is to prepare for a safe, healthy, full return to school on August 13. We will continue updating everyone weekly via this newsletter and on our dedicated website page SMOS Return to School Updates. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to me or Ms. Burke.



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