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Principal’s Message 11-09-23

St. Margaret of Scotland Families: 

I wanted to give a quick update on some of the facility changes that will be happening in the school. 

We will be having access control key card panels installed on a majority of the campus doors beginning on December 1.  We will also begin work on the installation of a new camera system for the school on December 22. 

We also met with an electrician this week to ensure the safety of our lighting structures in both Faith Hall and St. Joe.  We are looking into grants that will allow us to change our old lighting fixtures into newer, safer, and more efficient lighting moving forward.  

I am greatly looking forward to all of these improvements.  They will ensure the safety and viability of our campus for years to come.  

Tomorrow, we will make first-trimester grades available in the afternoon.  As we have a new school information system and several new teachers, I fully expect there to be some hiccups in the process.  Please bear with us and keep us in the loop on any issues you may have accessing grades through FACTS.  

I hope to see all of you at our eighth-grade fundraiser 5K on Saturday.  What a great way to celebrate our eighth grade, Veterans Day, and the feast day of St. Margaret of Scotland.  

Finally, I want to include a message from Sawyer Ferree who was principal for the day today. 

“I had a good day doing principal for the day.  I liked the walk around the school.  It was such a fun day.”

Sawyer Ferree

God Bless,

Patrick Holley

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