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CRE Update 05-09-24

Last week many of our SMOS students received the sacrament of Confirmation. Their preparation process lasted over the course of the school year and included special lessons and retreats. Part of their preparation involved writing a letter to Archbishop Rozanski, Fr. John, Mr. Schmidt, or myself. In this letter, the students were asked to provide details about what they learned about Confirmation, why they wanted to be confirmed, and why they thought they should be confirmed. Read some of their writing below!

“I want to spread the word of God and the Holy Spirit guiding me would be a big help. I also want to follow in the steps of my family before me and become a full member of the Church.”

Ben Kelsey

“I want to be confirmed to make my beliefs stronger and to push my faith more. I want to be confirmed to always have God and to always have my faith.”

Camille Henry

“I want to be confirmed because throughout this year I have decided what being Catholic means to me. Being Catholic means loving EVERYONE, no matter what.”

Ella Miller-Ruddy

“I still want to be confirmed because I think it’s cool that you get to decide if you want to expand your faith. When you were a kid you didn’t really have an option. I think it is special from all the other sacraments because you get to choose somebody that means a lot to you.”

Christian Redd

“I still want to be confirmed because I believe that God is in us and us in him. I want to receive the gifts of the Holy Spirit and grow them so I can be a faithful, loving, kind person.”

Leo Wildermuth

“But now that I know what it actually is, I am excited to get confirmed. I have learned that you are literally receiving the Holy Spirit. Faith is a big part of my life and Confirmation is my first actual decision in the Church and wanting to stay Catholic. Even though I am still young and still learning about faith I feel that it will be a big step in my faith.”

Francesca Olsen
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