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Acting to End Racism

Parish Statement Against Racism


St. Margaret of Scotland Parish stands against racism. On September 18-19, 2021, at the initiative of the Living Justice Ministries Racial Equity Team, we issued our Parish Statement Against Racism. The statement was crafted after months of listening and dialogue with St. Louis community members, fellow parishes in our dioceses, and members of our own parish on enduring racism in our nation, communities, and church.



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As we proclaim in our statement, our parish has committed to a series of initial and evolving actions based on the following focus areas to work toward eradicating racism. These actions are being carried out by subcommittees within the Racial Equity Team.

To take part, contact the subcommittee leader.

Reflections of Parish Statement on Racism


Knowing Our History and Current Challenges around Race

Purpose: To educate ourselves on the history of race in our parish and to identify and address where we currently fall short in fostering an environment of equity and inclusion.

Contact: Kelly Schmidt,



Parish School and Education

Purpose: To explore ways the school can promote equity and greater diversity.

Contact: Sarah Rebholz,



Parish Neighborhood, Housing, and Services

Purpose: Access to affordable housing is critical to achieving more racially just and equitable housing outcomes. Gain an understanding of the scope of need for affordable housing in our parish neighborhoods.

Contact: Gerry Connolly,



About the Racial Equity Team

The Racial Equity Team is a subset of the Living Justice Ministries at St. Margaret of Scotland Parish and School that aims to address the sin of racism by building awareness, seeking solutions, and establishing leadership for a more inclusive and equitable parish community. With respect to the foundation of the Church’s teachings, that all life is sacred and deserving of dignity, we commit to confronting our own racism and that which is rooted in our history. We hope for others to join the team and to add to its energy as we further set a path towards healing and equity in our parish, neighborhoods, city, state, and beyond.

For updates on the Living Justice Ministries, follow our Facebook Group.

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