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Mission and Beliefs

A small school, big on individuals.


At St. Margaret of Scotland, our mission has always been to provide an outstanding learning environment in which children are challenged to meet their potential and recognize their gifts in mind, body, and spirit. We focus upon each child as an individual with unique strengths and talents, reaching out to each one at his or her own intellectual level. To that end, our student/teacher ratio is maintained at a level that allows our children to receive special, individualized attention.  In 2010, we earned the much-coveted, national honor of being named a Blue Ribbon school of excellence.

Built on a foundation of Christain values, our personalized approach produces benefits that go beyond academic excellence. It also nurtures a respect for one’s self and a regard for all others.

The parents of St. Margaret of Scotland students find it comforting to know that we set the bar high. Our students consistently live up to those expectations in both academics and character.

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