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Children find it hard to pick just one favorite subject from our wide range of instructional programs.  Core areas of study at St. Margaret of Scotland include religion, reading, language, math, science, social studies/current events, vocabulary/spelling, computer education, art, music, and physical education.

Special programs are in place to address the special learning needs of the individual students as well.  Emphasis is placed on the children’s learning styles, assessment of their strengths, and strategies to enhance their learning.

Along with core areas of study, St. Margaret of Scotland offers a variety of elective classes to broaden the experience of our students.

Children are also engaged in programs which foster their social/emotional development such as, the practice of mindfulness at all grade levels and the Teen Outreach Program in middle school.  These programs concentrate on helping the students make healthy life choices.  Emphasis is placed on building self-esteem, relationships, decision-making, and violence prevention skills.


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