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Dress Code

The following code establishes the standards believed necessary to enhance an appropriate academic atmosphere. While St. Margaret’s does not dictate what is a suitable appearance outside the school setting, a student’s appearance within the school setting should reflect their pride in our school. Uniforms are to be worn on the first half-day of school and daily, except on special occasions specified by the principal. A note must accompany the student if there is a reason for not wearing a uniform. Uniforms should be clean, wrinkle-free and in good repair at all times.

Any St. Margaret of Scotland t-shirt can be worn on Mondays (blue spirit wear t-shirt, musical, athletic, or event t-shirts)

All parents and students are encouraged to consult Just Me Apparel or Maggie’s Closet to determine the accepted styles of uniform pants/shorts and blouses/shirts. Deliveries from Just Me Apparel are made to the school every Thursday.

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