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Friday, July 24 Update

Dear St. Margaret of Scotland Families,

Thank you for your patience as we have made decisions for our return to learning. In this time of growing COVID-19 infection, St. Margaret of Scotland is prioritizing the health and safety of our students, faculty, staff and their families.

St. Margaret of Scotland School plans to begin in-school learning in the Hybrid In-School stage of our Responsive Learning model on Monday, August 24. We will continue with Hybrid In-School learning only as long as necessary. Our plan is to increase the number of students physically on campus, up to full capacity, as soon as it is safely possible.  Additionally, after reviewing the logistics, facilities, staffing, physical distance requirements and financial feasibility, the 2020-2021 SMOS school year will start without an Aftercare program.

Our intention is to work diligently over the next month to train and prepare teachers and upgrade technology for these learning paths.

A parent recently said to me that everyone just wants to be reassured that they are making the “right” decision.  My answer is YES.  Whatever decision that you and your family make for the upcoming school year is the right one for you.  I know each time we watch the news or get on social media we start to worry… but I also know that God has a plan for us.  Together as a community we can overcome this and much more.

I know that this year will be an adjustment no matter what plan or learning model we are using.  If we are learning from home or learning in-person only a couple of days a week, we still get to create our own stories and memories as we try to set a new mindset for ourselves and our families.  Through all of the many changes we also gain opportunities to enrich and enhance our school community even more.  The core values of St. Margaret of Scotland remain the same…

  • That we serve a diverse and inclusive community of learners
  • That we provide a challenging learning environment for all students
  • That we offer many faith-filled learning opportunities
  • That we offer a safe and enriching learning environment

The full detailed document with information about the learning options, plans and schedules can be found in the attached Detailed – Fall Return to Learn Plan – July 31, 2020.  We have considered many options and recommendations and believe this is the appropriate decision for St. Margaret of Scotland at this time. We will continue to consult with public health officials, our Steering Committee and School Board, and will use their guidance to continue our preparations.

 If you have any questions after reviewing the Detailed – Fall Return to Learn Plan – July 31, 2020. please submit them by filling out this google form: Hybrid In-School Learning and an Option for Learning at Home Questions.We will take submitted questions to create FAQs for our school website and next week’s Thursday newsletter.

Thank you for your trust and support. St. Margaret of Scotland, pray for us!

Fr. Matthew O’Toole, Pastor

Mrs. Clare Young, Principal

Ms. Christine Burke, Assistant Principal


COVID-19 and Mass Updates

Information Center

Steering Committee

The members of the steering committee are parishioners, school parents, and experts in their professional fields that will work with St. Margaret of Scotland administration to coordinate an overall proactive planning effort to re-open school for learning, with increased attention to the health and safety of the SMOS community.   

If you have questions regarding the reopening of school, please contact Mrs. Young or Ms. Burke.

School Administration: Clare Young, Principal; Christine Burke, Assistant Principal; and Chris Stephens, Administrative Support

Co-Chairs: Bridget Andrews and Mary Lisa Penilla

Members: Jenny Schmidt MD, Chris Heisig, Tom Reitenbach, Cliff Reynolds, Sherry LeBlanc, Shannon Grass, Ryonnel Jackson, and Michael Miller

Steering Committee

Planning Timeline

In the month of June and early July, our St. Margaret of Scotland planning committees will meet to develop a plan to safely reopen the school in August.  In mid-July, all of the committee work will be assembled in a proposal to Fr. O’Toole for final approval.   Our timeline aligns with the working timelines of the Archdiocese Task Force and St. Louis public school districts.  We hope to provide our plans for fall no later than July 31st.  If at any point during our planning, a full return to distance learning or partial return to school becomes imminent, we will communicate that ASAP in order to give SMOS families adequate time to make plans accordingly.

June 1 
Survey to parents went out

June 14
Survey was due

June 18
Survey results will be distributed to subcommittees to begin planning

June 21
Subcommittee meetings begin to plan to safely reopen the school in August

June 28
Subcommittee meetings continue to plan to safely reopen the school in August

July 10
Subcommittees present recommendations to the steering committee for final approval

July 16
Steering Committee reviews recommendations, mandates, requirements, and begins to develop a plan

Release plan to safely reopen school to SMOS community

Monday, August 24
School Reopens

Planning Timeline

Frequently Asked Questions

We will continue to add questions and answers as we get feedback. Submit your questions here to help us build our FAQs.


What day will school reopen/start?
To meet the varied needs of students, faculty and staff we will implement a Responsive Learning Model with an option for Virtual Learning at Home.  St. Margaret of Scotland School has revised our start date and will now begin the learning year on Monday, August 24.

Frequently Asked Questions