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Student Life

Beyond the classroom, into the minivan.


St. Margaret of Scotland students engage daily in those subject areas offered in all schools: language arts, math, science, and social studies. Additionally, the school has a vast number of enrichment and extracurricular activities that shape our student’s learning experiences. Perhaps most important, however, are the friendships, traditions, and faith that grow as a result of the St. Margaret of Scotland community.

Throughout the year, St. Margaret’s students participate in a variety of outside activities designed to enrich their lives, such as: Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, Daisies, Girl Scouts, musical programs, The Archdiocesan Music Festival, St. Louis Science Fair, National History Day, Bellarmine Speech League, FLL Lego Robotics – just to name a few.


We’re serious about fun.


In addition to our PE curriculum and daily recess for student recreation and socialization, the St. Margaret of Scotland Athletic Association offers a year=round sports program for students at all grade levels.  Students have the opportunity to participate in basketball, volleyball, soccer, baseball, softball, track, and golf.  We even offer Start-Right baseball and soccer programs for the preschoolers and chess at all grade levels, which has become increasingly popular among our students.

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