St. Margaret of Scotland Launches Gun Violence Prevention Initiative

The Living Justice Ministry at St. Margaret of Scotland has assembled a Parish task force to address the epidemic of gun violence in our community – our City, our State, and our Country.  Gun Sense: For the Common Good is a faith-based initiative seeking common sense solutions to the issues created by the proliferation of guns in our society – both from a systemic and an advocacy standpoint.

As part of its initial steps, the task force has created a working charter document to guide the continued work of the group in moving forward.  You can find the full text of this working document at the link below.

Gun violence is tearing apart our neighborhoods and communities.  The recent shooting tragedy at CVPA and CMBS high schools – as well as the murder in the 4100 block of Shaw earlier this year and other assault crimes in many of our neighborhoods – has ignited the Living Justice Ministry to take action on this issue.  Immobility and a sense of hopelessness are no longer options.  Our Parish mission calls us to step forward.  Now is the time.

If YOU would like to get involved and learn more about how to support this effort, then check out the Gun Sense charter – and sign up to receive further updates.  Together in one voice, we can say “ENOUGH!”.


SMOS Gun Sense Charter – Working Document

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