Volunteering is an excellent way to get involved in our school community. With a wide range of opportunities and time commitments, there is something for everyone.

Volunteers are required to complete Protecting God’s Children Workshop prior to volunteering. Click here to learn more.

Library Volunteers (PTA)

St. Margaret has a school library that is typically open on Wednesday and Thursday.  The library is staffed and run entirely by PTA volunteers who assist the children in selecting books, reading stories and a variety of other tasks.  Shifts are two hours between 8 – 3, and volunteers can come weekly, every other week, once a month – whatever fits their schedules.

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Facilities (PTA)

Just like your house, our school needs attention paid to its buildings and grounds.  The PTA has formed a Facilities Committee which works hand in hand with the School and Parish administration, as well as the Physical Plant and Maintenance team, to provide extra resources for school related projects.

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Room Parents (PTA)

Room parents are volunteers used in each grade to plan parties and communicate important information to the other parents. Room parents volunteers sign up at the beginning of the school year.


Playground Assistance

Each full school day, the school is in need of volunteers to help with playground duties during student lunch and recess to allow our teachers more time to have their lunch.

The shifts are from 11:00am to 1:00pm . Volunteers can choose: once each week; every other week; once each month. There is always a teacher on duty with the volunteer.

Contact if you are interested in volunteering.

Dragon's Grove

The Dragon’s Grove garden is St. Margaret of Scotland’s school and community garden located on the northeast corner of Shaw and Lawrence. The garden provides outdoor education for students, teachers, parents, and community members. Parent and Parish volunteers run the garden and provide programming.

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Academic Events

Each year students participate in several special academic events. The teachers that lead up these efforts can always use a helping hand.

Event Helpers

Volunteers are needed throughout the school year to staff the various events that take place at school or at a fundraising event. Typically, these requests come via FastDirect or the Thursday newsletter.

Extracurricular Activities

St. Margaret of Scotland is fortunate to have many amazing extracurricular activities for our students, including Scouting, Girls on the Run, and Yearbook.  It takes the efforts of many volunteer hours – consider getting involved!


Field Trip Assistants

Each year, many classrooms take field trips.  The classroom teacher chooses a fun yet educational location, with adults providing supervision and guidance.  The classroom teacher will send home a request for volunteers.  Typically, the PTA provides buses for the field trips.

Grant Writing

Volunteers who are skilled in grant writing are needed to find and complete grant applications that will support or expand our education programs. If you are interested in offering your talents in this area, contact the school office at 314-776-7837.

Musical and Theatrical Performances

Each year, our music program puts on several performances.   It takes many hands to make these performances happen.  Stage decorations, sound, lighting, and costumes are some of the areas that assistance is needed.  Please contact our Music Teacher, Emily Chrostoski, for more details.