Parent Leadership

School Board

Ever wondered what the School Board does or how to reach us?  We’ve developed some SMOS School Board FAQs to answer your questions.  Or better yet, come observe one of our meetings!

What exactly does the School Board do? 

The St. Margaret of Scotland School Board is an advisory board to the Pastor and Principal.  We develop and advise on the policies that govern the operation of the School and promote the implementation of these policies.  We have a specific committee developed to review the handbook and recommend policy changes as needed.

The day-to-day operations of the school are governed by the administration.  Mr. Holley and Father Vien are responsible for putting the policies into action and developing the procedures that support the policy.  So if you have a question about what our policy is on something, the board can help provide an answer! If you have a question about how a policy is implemented, the administration can help with that.  The St. Margaret of Scotland Family Handbook is a resource for policies and procedures. If you’ve lost your hard copy, here is a link to it!

Another main portion of our job is to work closely with the Pastor, Parish Administrator, and Principal to develop and approve the school’s annual budget. In addition, there are several sub-committees including Diversity and Inclusion, Grant Writing, Technology, and Physical Plant.  We also have liaisons who attend Athletic Association and PTA meetings as well as a member of the Parish Finance Committee.

Who is on the School Board and how do I learn more about becoming a member? 

The board consists of nine members who are either a registered Parishioner or a parent or legal guardian of a child currently enrolled in the School. Members fill three-year terms, with new members elected annually.  Candidates for the board should be supportive of the School’s educational programs, capable of a broad vision, good listeners and able to express themselves in a group and maintain confidentiality as appropriate. If this interests you or you would like to learn more about it, please let us know.  Names are submitted for consideration to our nominating committee following our February meeting.

When do you meet and how do I present an idea?

The Board meets in Faith Hall on the third Wednesday of each month at 7:00 p.m.  All regular meetings are open to parents, guardians, or parishioners who would like to observe. Occasionally sessions may close for board discussion and voting. If you have ideas or concerns related to school procedures, please talk to your child’s teacher, then the Principal, and ultimately the Pastor.  If you’d like to discuss a school policy, please email the Board President at at least one week prior to the meeting.  For additional information about the meetings, please see the procedures on pgs. 49-51 of the St. Margaret of Scotland Family Handbook.

 Who is on the Board this year and how do I contact them?

This year’s School Board membership is listed below and on the sidebar.  You may contact us at

Roberto Garcia, President (2021-2024)
Cliff Reynolds, Vice-President (2022-2025)
Julie Bradshaw, Secretary (2021-2024)
Sarah Chilenski (2022-2025)
Jay Gerard (2023-2026)
Heidi Klosterman (2021-2024)
Christina Meddows-Jackson (2023-2026)
Ian Mulligan (2022-2025)
Gloria Reed (2023-2026)

We look forward to serving the school community of St. Margaret of Scotland this year.  St. Margaret of Scotland, pray for us!