Student Life

Beyond the classroom, into the minivan.


St. Margaret of Scotland students engage daily in those subject areas offered in all schools: language arts, math, science, and social studies. Additionally, the school has a vast number of enrichment and extracurricular activities that shape our student’s learning experiences. Perhaps most important, however, are the friendships, traditions, and faith that grow as a result of the St. Margaret of Scotland community.

Throughout the year, St. Margaret’s students participate in a variety of outside activities designed to enrich their lives, such as: Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, Daisies, Girl Scouts, musical programs, The Archdiocesan Music Festival, St. Louis Science Fair, National History Day, Bellarmine Speech League, FLL Lego Robotics – just to name a few.


We’re serious about fun.


In addition to our PE curriculum and daily recess for student recreation and socialization, the St. Margaret of Scotland Athletic Association offers a year=round sports program for students at all grade levels.  Students have the opportunity to participate in basketball, volleyball, soccer, baseball, softball, track, and golf.  We even offer Start-Right baseball and soccer programs for the preschoolers and chess at all grade levels, which has become increasingly popular among our students.

Extracurricular Activities

Extracurricular Activities

The extracurricular activities available at SMOS School.
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Enrichment Activities

Enrichment Activities

All of the enrichment activities offered at SMOS.
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The SMOS Athletic Association is a group of volunteer parents/guardians, parishioners, and friends that coordinate athletic programs offered through the St. Margaret of Scotland Parish and School. The goal is to allow every boy and girl the opportunity to participate in athletics and by doing so, develop discipline and respect, build character and gain an understanding of the value of teamwork. Volunteers are needed to be on the Athletic Association Board and to coach.
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Extracurriculars at St. Margaret

  • Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts are available to students in the school, parish, and community, and are led by parent volunteers.
  • Suzuki Violin is offered to incoming preschool and kindergarten students; our program now goes through 5th grade with over 125 students.
  • Lego Robotics is an after-school activity led entirely by volunteers for students from kindergarten through 8th grade.
  • Girls on the Run is a physical activity-based positive youth development program designed to develop and enhance girls’ social, psychological and physical competencies.
  • Students in middle school (grades 6-8) have the opportunity to participate in creating the school yearbook, given to all students at the end of the school year.
  • Students in grades 7-8 can audition to perform in the Christmas and Spring Musicals.

Enrichment at St. Margaret

  • Mindfulness is taught bi-weekly by teachers certified in the practice 
and art of mindfulness; it is practiced daily by all teachers and students.
  • For students looking to learn a second language, World Languages is offered to Third through Eighth graders as an after-school club activity.
  • As a diverse, urban school, we place a special emphasis on Inclusion and Diversity. Our coordinator plans many activities throughout the year, including heritage prayer services, a Day of the Dead altar, Anti-Defamation League and No Place for Hate programs, and a Festival of Nations.
  • The Teen Outreach Program (Wyman Foundation) is taught in our middle school emphasizing a healthy lifestyle for teens and opportunities to learn from serving others.
  • Technology is a tool used for engaging thinking and learning that advances with the students as they mature from preschool through 5th grade, until in middle school when the students and the laptops are 1-1.
  • Our School Library operated by volunteers is a favorite among our students in preschool through 5th grade, with occasional visits even from among middle school.
  • The Fine Arts are a high priority at SMOS, and all children get the opportunity to participate in weekly art lessons and bi-weekly music lessons. Additionally, children learn ballroom dancing in Grade 5, can join the children’s choir beginning in Grade 3, and can participate in the Bellarmine Speech League in middle school.
  • Nature and environment are taught through outdoor play, working in the Dragon’s Grove Garden, and programs with The Greenhouse Venture.

Athletics at St. Margaret

  • Athletics at St. Margaret of Scotland is an after school and weekend program that includes children from preschool through 8th grade, offering opportunities for almost every sport from soccer to chess. Special to this parish-run organization is the inclusion of children from St. Louis Public Schools, Charter Schools, and other parish Catholic schools. Playing sports together allows children in the city to learn team-building skills, to broaden their friendships, and to prepare to live in a diverse world.