The St. Margaret of Scotland School curricula drives the teaching and learning that happens in the classroom from day to day, from grade to grade, from subject to subject.  We have developed our curricula collaboratively through research and a shared belief guided by our school mission to provide a challenging learning environment for children, prekindergarten through eighth grade, in which they realize their academic potential and giftedness in body, mind, and spirit.

Below you can view Curriculum Maps for each grade, updated in May 2021.

Preschool | Kindergarten | First Grade

Second Grade | Third Grade

Fourth Grade | Fifth Grade

Sixth Grade | Seventh Grade | Eighth Grade

French | Spanish

Music | Middle School Choir | Violin

Fine Arts | Physical Education

Curriculum Goals


  • BELIEVING: Faith is foundational.
    • As a ministry of St. Margaret of Scotland Catholic Church, we proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ in thought, word, and deed.
    • The Eucharist sources the Spirit of St. Margaret; we aspire to the summit of school life through our practice of the Sacraments and Works of Mercy.
    • Catholic Social Teaching inspires our commitment to peace, reconciliation, dialogue and justice for all humankind.
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  • THINKING: Education is a school-family partnership.
    • Parents are the primary educators of their children.
    • On-going communication between family and school benefits student learning and whole-child development.
    • Family and staff participation in school activities and organizations enhances the learning environment.
    • Self-discipline is the base ingredient for virture and academic progress; it can be learned and exercised at every grade level.
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  • BELONGING: All are welcome.
    • We provide a place of hospitality and inclusion as we live and learn within the body of Jesus Christ.
    • Our school fosters and nurtures community.
    • The diversity of our student body creates a rich community of learners among and between students, teachers, and families.
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  • BEING: We are all the Spirit of St. Margaret. 
    • Our school serves as a catalyst for community and faith in our neighborhoods.
    • Students become living heirs of St. Margaret, whose Christian values inspire our community’s charism.
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