Wednesday Mass Crossing Guards

Now that we have settled into our routines a bit, we have noticed that traffic in and around the Shaw neighborhood has gotten a bit more, shall we say, “crazy.”  Our own observations and anecdotal reports from parents include cars traveling at high rates of speed, people running stop signs, and drivers going in the opposing lanes to go around cars legally stopped at the intersections.  The crunch of cars (especially at rush hour) and children and families walking to/from school, means that we all need to remain especially vigilant while navigating our collective neighborhood streets.

It is with all of this in mind, that the School has requested having parents act as crossing guards at all of the major intersections that the kids traverse on their way to/from Mass on Wednesday mornings.  Thank you to all of the parents who have signed up to help already, and to those who’ve volunteered the past two weeks – it really is making a difference in the safety of our students, and the help is greatly appreciated.  There are lots of slots available in the coming months, so if you haven’t yet signed up – please click on the button below and grab a few time slots.

This is also a good time to remember to mind our own driving behavior when we’re in the neighborhood dropping off or picking up our children from school.  No tardy slip is worth something tragic happening, so please remember to slow down and obey all traffic signs around all of the children walking in the area.  If you’re using the car line via Castleman, please remember to drop off your kids and pick them up in the parking lot – and not out on the street (this is for everyone’s safety, including other drivers).  Additionally, please pull as far forward as possible before stopping to let your children out of the car.  If you’re parking along Lawrence, the door used by our youngest students, please be aware of all of the people crossing and walking that way – and also remember to be kind to our neighbors, and please do not park illegally or especially in places that block driveways or alleyways (even if you think it is just for “a minute”).  Thank you for being mindful and vigilant to keep ALL of our students safe.


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