Welcome New Members of Parish Family – March 2024

Please welcome the following families who have officially registered in St. Margaret of Scotland parish in the months of January & February:

  • Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Holley along with their children Ben, Logan, Edith, Mabel and Patrick Holley, III
  • Mr. & Mrs. Martin Chorkey along with their children Evelyn and Evander Chorkey
  • Mr. Zachary Greenemay & Mr. Andrew Robinson
  • Ms. Nicole-Noelle Favron along with her child Amber Favron
  • Mr. Jonathan Allinson & Ms. Kristin Hess along with their children Marlowe and Louisa Hess-Allinson
  • Mr. Colin Dowling along with his children Nora and Douglas Dowling
  • Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Warren along with their child William Warren
  • Mr. Steven Poth & Ms. Mary Gegg
  • Mr. Alex Jackson
  • Mr. & Mrs. David Moore along with their children Josephine, Everett, and Gabriel Moore
  • Mr. Ryan Hare

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