The Great Gather Hymnal Swap of 2024

Our NEW GATHER hymnals are here – and we will be starting to use them the weekend of May 11th and 12th. Members of the Music Ministry will swap out the old for the new during the week prior.

More than just a songbook, these new Gather books also contain the readings for every Sunday and significant holiday in our calendar. Look for a new four-digit number on our hymn number boards which will direct you to where you can find the readings. The pew missalettes will be retired after the current edition expires. We will continue to keep larger print missalettes on hand for those who need them.

Getting a Souvenir Copy of OLD GATHER

For those who want to keep a piece of SMOS history, parish music lovers can obtain a souvenir copy of the OLD GATHER hymnal – either unsigned or in a “special edition” (signed by the church’s music director and/or other ‘celebrities’ from the church).

Old Gathers will be available by request, and after all masses the weekend of May 11 and 12.  After the 10AM Mass on May 12, members from the SMOS Music Ministry will be on hand to sign copies. Donations can be made in person or online, and the funds will be used to support music ministry projects in the future. Use the link below to make your donation and order your copy in advance via WeShare (and make other pickup arrangements if you’re not going to be at those masses).

To get a souvenir copy, a minimum donation of $5 is suggested.

  • $5 for an unsigned copy
  • $10 for a signed “special edition

Questions? Contact Orin Johnson at (314) 776-0363 or


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