A New Week – January 28, 2024

Today is the beginning of Catholic Schools Week, a week set aside to celebrate Catholic education in our nation, and to celebrate our own parish school in particular. This year’s theme is “Catholic Schools: United in Faith and Community.” I want to encourage all our parish family to join in this celebration by supporting and praying for our parish school!  

I am happy to report that St. Margaret of Scotland Catholic School is thriving! Nearly 500 children come to our school every day to learn about Jesus Christ and to be formed in faith; to discover their vocation and purpose; to grow in academic pursuits by their study of language arts, mathematics, science, the arts, and other disciplines; and to develop their God-given talents and abilities so that they will grow into faithful Catholics and good citizens. Our new principal, Mr. Patrick Holley, is having a great first year as he leads our school, works with our faculty and staff, and gets to know our students and community.  Our teachers are dedicated to their vocation, to our school, and especially to their students and they serve our children with generosity and love. Our parents and families are supportive of our school and are involved in so many projects and activities.   

Many parish schools in our Archdiocese are considering their futures and coming up with plans for viability. While enrollment, finances, and retaining staff remain challenges for us and every Catholic school, St. Margaret of Scotland School is in a strong place and looks to the future with confidence and faith.  

Catholic Schools Week is a chance for us to celebrate all that our Catholic Schools have done and are doing: the unique and necessary ways they pass on the faith to the next generation; the high-quality academics and excellent standardized scores; the witness of so many dedicated teachers and staff. And so much more! Jesus Christ is at the center of our school and is present in every aspect of our school. Our younger children are loved and affirmed, and our older children are well prepared for high school and beyond. Our extra-curriculars, like the Speech Team, robotics, and Student Council, as well as our CYC sports programs help to keep our children well-rounded. Our teachers and staff are well-qualified, caring, and go above and beyond the call of duty. St. Margaret of Scotland School is of the highest quality, and it deserves the support of our entire parish family, both prayerfully and financially. 

All are invited to an Open House at our school, on Castleman Avenue, this Sunday, January 28, from 11:00am until 2:00pm. Any families interested in touring our school and all parishioners interested in seeing our school are most welcome! This week, our students and faculty and staff will celebrate Catholic Schools Week all week long with many fun activities.  

Thanks to all the parishioners, parents, families, and students who do so much for our parish school!  St. Margaret of Scotland School is truly a place where a new generation of Catholics are united in faith and community.

Catholic Schools Week 2024
January 28 – February 3, 2024

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