Respect Life – Reflections on the Dignity of Life

With assisted suicide and euthanasia being legalized in many countries, Pope Francis continues to remind us that care for the dignity of the human person extends to the natural end of a person’s life. He challenges caregivers, and all of us, to see those who are elderly, who have disabilities, and/or are dying as worthy and capable of love.

“If the person [in palliative care] feels loved, respected, and accepted, the dark shadow of euthanasia disappears or becomes nearly non-existent, because the value of a person’s being is measured by their capacity to give and receive love, not by their productivity,” said Pope Francis to a congress on health ethics in October 2018. 

He continued by encouraging caregivers that their work is not limited to restoring health to the patient, but that it is actually, “to attend to, to be concerned about, to take care of and to take responsibility for the other, who is your brother.” 

Do you know anyone who needs your love and support? Make it a point this month to reach out to a friend, family member or neighbor who is hospitalized, homebound or forgotten and remind them how much they are loved. 

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