3rd Annual Earth Day Celebration

Sponsored by Care For Creation
Part of the SMOS Living Justice Ministries

St. Margaret of Scotland will celebrate the 3rd Annual Earth Day Celebration during the weekend of April 20th and 21st. Walk, bike, or roll to mass with family and friends and the Living Justice Ministry’s Creation Team will greet you with a pin, which you will place on a map of the parish to mark the location where you started your pilgrimage. The team will cumulate the distance of all pilgrimage participants and report the quantitative impacts from the reduction in vehicle use. In 2023, over 100 people of all ages participated resulting in a reduction of more than 15 pounds of CO2 emissions and 275,796 calories burned.

The event, however, is less about calculating impacts than transforming the way we relate with Creation and, by extension, God through Creation. Pilgrimage cards are available in the back of the sanctuary to help guide your journey with prayer, meditation, and celebration of God’s glorious Creation. 

Everyone is encouraged to participate. Even if you drive, just don’t drive as far. Park a little further away than normal, and your participation will be counted. 

Please reach out to Aaron Defenbaugh to volunteer: adefenbaugh@gmail.com. A PDF of the Pilgrimage Guide is attached (copies are available in the back of Church).

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