2023 Ministry Schedule – August 19-20

Saturday, 4:30 PMSunday, 8:00 AMSunday, 10:00 AM
GreeterEileen Ruddy
Mike Ruddy
Tim Keys
Alia Keys
8th Grade Students/Families
Altar ServerDaniel Chilenski
Meredith Lederle
Christian Redd
Audrey Bushlack
Dominic Keys
Isaac Keys
Harrison Agniel
Lucy Kate Marquard
Marianna Reyes
LectorJustin Roth
(1st Lector)
Emilie Overberg
(2nd Lector)
Tim Mulligan
(1st Lector)
Elaine Pudlowski
(2nd Lector)
Patrick Bittick
(1st Lector)
Alice Benga
(2nd Lector)
EMHCChris Bahr
Cam Jansen
Kelly Strange
Patti Eischen
Joyce Herleth
Mallory Kummer
Tom Bushlack
Patty Hendrickson
Juliann Hesed
Matty Kleinberg
Prudence Kramer
Carrie Pagliarini
Greg Rohde
Coffee & Donut TeamRyan Kennedy8th Grade Students/Families

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