2024 Ministry Schedule – January 6-7

Saturday, 4:30 PMSunday, 8:00 AMSunday, 10:00 AM
GreeterMike Ruddy
Eileen Ruddy
Tim Keys
Alia Keys
Boni and Jack Lang
Paul Rauschenbach
Altar ServerMarshall Lederle
Meredith Lederle
Rebecca Stevens
Mary Kate Flatley
Dominic Keys
Isaac Keys
Audrey Bushlack
Lucy Kate Marquard
Colin Moran
LectorBr. Jean Dominick
(1st Lector)
Suzanne Bruce
(2nd Lector)
Dominick Jean
(1st Lector)
Elaine Pudlowski
(2nd Lector)
Deborah Millett
(1st Lector)
Patrick Bittick
(2nd Lector)
EMHCHeidi Klosterman
Carol Schumer DC
Kelly Strange

Bob Malon
Mary Lisa Penilla
Cliff Reynolds
Chrissy Callison
Kay Dunlap
Molly Ehlman
Mike Marquard
Greg Rohde
Thomas Sottile
Erin Sottile
Coffee & Donut TeamRichard NelsonEmily Schiltz

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