2024 Ministry Schedule – January 13-14

Saturday, 4:30 PMSunday, 8:00 AMSunday, 10:00 AM
GreeterMichael Bahr
Sarah Chilenski
Monique Butler
Joe Butler
Drew Bradshaw
Julie Bradshaw
Altar ServerDeclan Bulgrin
Colleen Moore
Madeline Moore
Virginia Toussaint
Ava Whealon
Sophia Whealon
Josephine Bradshaw
Owen Carril
Gabe DeBourg
LectorGinger Purcell
(1st Lector)
Justin Roth
(2nd Lector)
Carley Brunner
(1st Lector)
Tom Brinkmann
(2nd Lector)
Alice Benga
(1st Lector)
Dave Pagliarini
(2nd Lector)
EMHCChris Bahr
Tom Purcell
Barbara Zysk
Thomas Kempker
Erin Reid
Scott Wilson
Julie Bradshaw
Juliann Hesed
Barbara J Jennings
Matty Kleinberg
Kevin Kuehl
Philip Masini
Carrie Pagliarini
Coffee & Donut TeamLinda HoldinghausLori Greiner

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