2024 Ministry Schedule – January 27-28

Saturday, 4:30 PMSunday, 8:00 AMSunday, 10:00 AM
GreeterSarah Chilenski
Brian Overberg
David Brake
Philip Masini
Stephanie Noecker
Altar ServerDaniel Chilenski
Fiona Flynn
William Overberg
Gram Frazier
Beckett Hill
Virginia Toussaint
Daisy Herman
Lucy Kate Marquard
Marianna Reyes
LectorAlan Jonagan
(1st Lector)
Isabella Overberg
(2nd Lector)
Barb Blaes
(1st Lector)
Carley Brunner
(2nd Lector)
Bob Waeltermann
(1st Lector)
Deborah Millett
(2nd Lector)
EMHCHeidi Klosterman
Carol Schumer DC
Kelly Strange
Mallory Kummer
Mary Lisa Penilla
Scott Wilson
Lori Greiner
Patty Hendrickson
Juliann Hesed
Kevin Kuehl
Mary Jo Liberstein
Mike Marquard
Greg Rohde
Coffee & Donut TeamDoug SchwaabSteve Gonzalez / Amy Burke

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