Bulletin Article – November 5, 2023

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Educating In Faith

by Gwen Heithaus

Happy November! With a new month comes a new opportunity to make the faith come alive in our homes. Families in Faith is a new program here at St. Margaret to help you do just that. Each month ideas for living our faith outside of the walls of our parish will be shared in the bulletin and newsletter. A few times a year, all families will be invited to come together for faith and fellowship! Mark your calendars for the next social, which will be held on January 18 at 7:00pm in the school cafeteria. 
Here are some ideas for centering your home around Christ this month:

  1. During the month of November, we honor all of the saints in our Church. Discuss as a family about what it means to be a saint. All of us are called to be saints, so talk together about how you are growing into that call at this stage of your life. Print pictures of saints that are special to your family members to place around your home this month. 
  2. We also honor those who have died, and pray for them in a special way this month. This is a great chance to visit relatives in the cemetery and pray for them together. There may be some discomfort about visiting the cemetery at first, but this is a fantastic opportunity to pass on stories about family members and friends who have passed on. This is also a great chance to practice a spiritual work of mercy (praying for the dead)!
  3. This weekend we begin Daylight Savings Time, meaning that it will get darker earlier. What sources of light do you have in your home? Filling our homes with light brings about a spirit of comfort and peace, as we don’t have to fear the dark. If we allow it to, this light can be a reminder for us of the light of Christ, which always vanquishes the dark. Talk as a family about Christ’s light that fills each of our hearts. How are you letting your light shine, even as it is growing dark outside?
  4. On Sunday, November 26 we will celebrate the Feast of Christ the King, which will help us formally end our Church year. Take time that weekend to have your own feast fit for a King! Prepare special foods, perhaps invite friends or family, and create golden decorations to put up to commemorate this special day. Maybe even make crowns for everyone!

Be assured that everyone here at St. Margaret of Scotland is praying for you and for your families. Know that the work you are doing to build the Church in your homes is more important now than ever!

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