Bulletin Article – April 28, 2024

Throughout the year, we present an article in the bulletin each week on a variety of topics, written by a member of our Parish staff on a rotating basis.

Growing In Faith

by Ruth Pera, Faith Formation Coordinator

This weekend many of our second grade students will receive Jesus in the Eucharist for the first time. There are so many traditions and rituals around this day for our young children – the importance of it is clear.  Coincidentally, we will also be talking about Eucharist at our RCIA gathering this week, specifically our personal experiences and encounters with the Eucharist.  Preparing for both of those things this week has been motivation to truly sit in wonder of the gift that the Eucharist is in our faith. 

This year is a year of renewal for the Church, seeking to understand more deeply the mystery of the Eucharist.  I want to encourage all of us to take some time this week – maybe 30 minutes or so – to think back over your experiences of receiving Christ in the Eucharist throughout your life and the ways that has shaped you.  Do you remember your First Communion day?  What Masses or experiences of Adoration stand out in your memory?  Is there a devotion or practice you learned from your parents or another important person that has shaped your understanding of the Eucharist?  What do you do now to help yourself approach Communion with a recognition of what you are about to receive?  What would you like to change about that to come more prepared?

The encounters we have weekly form us, even on the days when we don’t bring our best selves to the Eucharist.  Thank goodness that God’s grace works.  And, as we move through this Easter season and the celebration of Corpus Christi Sunday, let’s follow the example of our children and work really hard at preparing ourselves to receive Jesus each Sunday. 

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