Bulletin Article – April 7, 2024

Throughout the year, we present an article in the bulletin each week on a variety of topics, written by a member of our Parish staff on a rotating basis.

From the Coordinator of Religious Education

by Gwen Heithaus

Happy Easter! Yes, I am aware that this bulletin issue isn’t coming out until April 7. However, one of the great things about our Church is that we celebrate appropriately, meaning that we extend our period of rejoicing beyond the day itself. So again I say, happy Easter!

The Easter season continues all the way until Pentecost, which is Sunday, May 19. That means that we have several more weeks to contemplate and rejoice in the truth of Christ’s victory over death. Check out some of these ways to share the joy with your family……

  1. Celebrate Divine Mercy Sunday! Always celebrated on the first Sunday after Easter, this day is a reminder of Christ’s infinite mercy and love for us. We are always welcome to come back to Christ and receive his mercy. Celebrate this great gift by praying the Divine Mercy Chaplet using rosary beads. Then, eat Divine Mercy Sundaes! Using any ice cream you want, whipped cream, and red and blue sprinkles, recreate the image of the blood and water flowing from Jesus shown in the Divine Mercy image. 
  2. Pray for all those receiving sacraments this spring, especially our First Communicants and Confirmation candidates. You can pray for them at home, or you can visit church and light a candle for them!
  3. Hang 50 Easter eggs, one for each day of the Easter season, and open an egg each day. The eggs can be filled with a small treat or a challenge that encourages you to bring joy to someone else!
  4. We have LOTS of flowers blooming in St. Louis right now. Pick some (or buy some from the store) and deliver them to a neighbor, relative, or friend unexpectedly. So much joy can be found in God’s creation!
  5. We know that Jesus rose in part because the stone in front of his tomb was rolled away! Painting rocks can be a beautiful way to honor this special season. Make sure to display your rocks where someone else can be filled with joy by them!

These are just a few ways to honor the Easter season. Whatever you decide to do, be sure that it is celebratory – we have quite a bit to celebrate!

Our next Families in Faith gathering will be on Thursday, April 11 at 7:00pm in the school cafeteria. All are welcome! Please RSVP at bit.ly/smosfamiliesinfaith23-24.

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