Summer Ministry Article – June 23, 2024

During the Summer months, this column will be highlighting the good work and parishioners involved in one of our various Parish Ministries.  Each week, we will feature an article from a different ministry, written by one if its members, as a reflection on the generosity and stewardship of the SMOS community.

St. Vincent de Paul

by Celeste Marx

My name is Celeste Marx.  I am a member of the St. Margaret of Scotland Conference of St. Vincent de Paul.  I became active in this organization about two years ago and now serve as a hotline volunteer.  My decision to become involved was a result of my Covid experience.  I contracted Covid in March 2020.  I was hospitalized and placed on a ventilator for about a week.  Father O’Toole anointed me; it was a bit touch and go.  After recovery, I began to realize that God wanted a little more from me, a little more participation and a little less Monday quarterbacking.  He had given me another chance to do this.

The mission of the St. Vincent de Paul Society has always appealed to me.  A network of friends, inspired by Gospel values, growing in holiness, and building a more just world through personal relationships with and service to people in need.  I wanted to become involved in an organization that was impactful. Serving as a hotline volunteer has humbled me, deepened my gratitude, given me a unique insight into the needs of others and most importantly allowed me to see that we can and must do something to help our neighbors in need.

Calls received on the hotline are varied.  Some of our neighbors need a bed to sleep on, while others need electricity and gas to run their households or food for adequate nutrition.  While we cannot manage all the needs of our neighbors, we can and do make a meaningful difference in their lives.

We could use your help and are looking for new members.  Want to learn more or join us?  Contact Dave Greiner at 314-520-0429.

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