Summer Ministry Article – July 7, 2024

During the Summer months, this column will be highlighting the good work and parishioners involved in one of our various Parish Ministries.  Each week, we will feature an article from a different ministry, written by one if its members, as a reflection on the generosity and stewardship of the SMOS community.

Coffee & Donut Fellowship

by Ryan Kennedy

Coffee and donuts has been going on as a ministry of SMOS since we joined the church in 2001 and before we arrived. It is offered after the 8am and 10am masses every week and not only allows its participants to enjoy coffee, donuts, and juice on Sunday morning, but fosters a sense of community. It brings together our parish family to connect after a long week and to socialize with each other.  It allows us to share news about what is going in the neighborhood and our parish school.

As our children graduated out of the school, I wanted to stay involved and this was a great way to do it. We have a schedule where each volunteer either does set up or clean up about  2 to 3 times per quarter. Set up involves making coffee, meeting the team bringing in the donuts, setting out orange juice, and general clean up. The clean up team makes sure to dump trash, put away items for next time, and do inventory for what is needed the next week.  They also collect any donations made for the donuts for those who have come down to enjoy them. Those donations go back into a fund that “feeds” this important ministry of community. Volunteering is what keeps our parish and school community strong and viable for the next generation and this all-important ministry brings them together for a short time each week.

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