School Shoutouts 10-05-23

As part of Friday announcements, Principal Holley likes to give shout outs to our students who get caught doing acts of kindness around school.  We would like to share with you our weekly shout-outs.  

Mrs. Joyce would like to shout out 4th graders Martha, Emme, Mary and Poppy who found the outdoor kitchen equipment in the wrong place and returned it to the proper place. 

Ms. Heffernan would like to shout out 2H for walking quietly in the hallway and setting a good example for younger AND older students. 

Ms. Komos would like to shout out Virginia T. for always setting an example of what it means to be kind and respectful. And Mr. Shorter for playing football on the playground with the fourth-grade boys. 

Grace Hoover would like to shout out Coen, Lane, Lily, and Lou for helping her with some cutting tasks during quiet time.

Mrs. Lueke would like to shout out Rowan Mork for sending a very thoughtful congratulatory message to Matteo to let him know that he had won the StuCo 5 L class representative.

Ms. Lexi would like to shout out to shout out Vee H. for always being an excellent example in Sr. Marie’s class.


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